• The Timeless Allure of the Super Nintendo: A Journey Through Pixels and Nostalgia

    The Timeless Allure of the Super Nintendo: A Journey Through Pixels and Nostalgia

    In the vast expanse of human history, there are certain artifacts that transcend the temporal confines of their creation. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or simply the SNES, is one such marvel.

  • THP – The Clangers

    THP – The Clangers

    In 1969 a TV show about whistling long nosed creatures who lived on another World enthralled Children and Adults alike. This episode explores some of that magical World and what it meant to your host, Hitch,

  • Pick-Me-Ups


    Been a while since I updated this but I must admit whilst I enjoy blogs I always get lazy and the initial input soon drops off. I know I am not alone in this and it’s why blogs died a long time back, but hey,…

  • Chasing the 1cc

    Chasing the 1cc

    Some games are for entertainment, some for the journey and some just for the satisfaction of completing a game. Some however are there for one task, the steely 1cc run. For me the humble STG, or Shmup, is the ultimate 1cc chase. Most of the…

  • Mine eye and heart are at a mortal war.

    Mine eye and heart are at a mortal war.

    Heart of The Alien on Sega CD. Frustrating. Memorable. Unfair. Sublime. Entertaining and annoying in equal measure. What a game. Having recently completed it in two parts on Twitch I may even tag it as the best of its genre.

  • To Do…

    To Do…

    Well, if you read this blog you may have noticed it has a proper URL now. Retrostreamers.com is live and blogging! Took a while but we made it. Not only is it now on its rightful URL but we also have another author signed up…

  • The Sega Mega Drive Chronicles: Unveiling the Legends of 16-Bit Gaming

    The Sega Mega Drive Chronicles: Unveiling the Legends of 16-Bit Gaming

    Enter the time machine of gaming and journey back to the 1990s when the Sega Mega Drive, also known as the Genesis, reigned supreme. In this retrospective. In the realm of gaming history, few consoles have left as profound a mark as the Sega Mega…

  • Rediscovering the Sega Saturn: A Nostalgic Journey into Gaming’s Past

    Rediscovering the Sega Saturn: A Nostalgic Journey into Gaming’s Past

    The gaming industry has seen its fair share of iconic consoles, and among them, the Sega Saturn holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. Released in 1994, the Saturn faced fierce competition but managed to carve out a unique identity. Join us on…

  • Terrys Nostalgia

    Terrys Nostalgia

    As an older guy I naturally have nostalgia for past days, especially ones based around holidays like Christmas. I like the Yuletide period. To me Christmas has always been about family, food and relaxing. The gifting of presents is nice, as is receiving, but its…

  • New Socks

    New Socks

    See, I am not just about the Retro. Sometimes I am about the socks too! Plus I am drinking tea, with chocolate… in the tea. Nom!

  • Kid Niki – Ninja!

    Kid Niki – Ninja!

    For many years I have always wanted to own Flynns Arcade from the movie Tron. Show me a kid my age who didn’t! Now I have one, of sorts, its been a very interesting ride even at this early stage. Take Kid Niki, Radical Ninja.…

  • Flip This!

    Flip This!

    I found a game today that I have never seen before. Its name? Battle Flip Shot. Kinda windjammers vs pong vs side-on Breakout. Sitting on my 150-1 MVS cart for NeoGeo I went in expecting trash but that changed the second I saw it was…

  • Pinge!


    Just wanted to throw a massive thank you to Pinge for the recent package of Arcade PCBs. Such a wonderful fella who will get massive hugs when I meet him, probably some beers too! The actual PCBs will be featured over time in here as…

  • Logic pro 2

    Logic pro 2

    Logic Pro 2 hails from Korea by Deniam Corp in 1997 making this a fairly new Arcade board. Cute and diminutive but still packing a gaming punch it is essentially Mine Sweeper in Arcade gaming form. It sits in a standard, upright cabinet and is…

  • Something… new!

    Something… new!

    So, I have decided to make this an actual full blog on my retro gaming life. This will include some Arcade PCB reviews, console mods etc and a little of anything related to me gaming be it on Twitch or just for myself. I should…

  • Stream!

    I do these small pointless reviews from games I stream over on my Twitch stream. Click for a link to the video on demand for, Rampage, Hyper Sports, Rainbow Islands and Super Hang on. Hope you enjoy!

  • Rainbow Islands

    Rainbow Islands

    Everyone loves this game but do I? Well… no? Hear me out before you judge me and execute! I have my reasons and you will not agree, hah!

  • Super Hang On

    Super Hang On

    We all know this game. The classic SEGA racing game has been in everything from boring Shenmue games to the excellent Yakuza series and ported to near everything. Was the Spectrum version good? Damn right it was!

  • Rampage


    Never really liked this game. Never enjoyed a port of this game. Will the ZX Spectrum be different? Kinda! Read on!

  • Hyper Sports

    Hyper Sports

    Damn, this game is like a fine wine, the more you play the more you want! Smooth, fast and great animation with excellent gameplay.

  • Coinz Are Mine

    Coinz Are Mine

    Yandex is a competition for various Retro Computers including my beloved ZX Spectrum so it is no surprise that a really good one finds its way in here. Coinz Are Mine is an entry from Drunk Fly and IMO should have won.

  • The Immortal Joystick

    The Immortal Joystick

    OK lets get this out of the way, this is a mini review and not an advertisment BUT he just started a Kickstarter for these amazing Joysticks so… Timing!

  • Starion


    or as I now call it… StarOnion! Why? Because I am an idiot and laugh at my own jokes! Starion was a new experience for me, one gifted to me by my friend PixelsAtDawn, he of Amiga mag fame.

  • Manic Miner

    Manic Miner

    Manic freaking Miner! The first game in a series created by the wonder and slightly sad case that we call Matthew Smith in 1983

  • Deathchase


    Say the words MJ Estcourt to any hardcore ZX Spectrum fan and 99% will reply with “Deathchase!”, 1% may mention Full Throttle but that comes later.