Damn, this game is like a fine wine, the more you play the more you want! Smooth, fast and great animation with excellent gameplay.

Playing Hyper Sports on a keyboard is probably a bad experience, especially in this day and age as our fingers have forgotten who their Father is and possibly break easier than they used to. Playing it with an Immortal Joystick however… it is sublime.

I have never really been in to this kind of game when younger but as an older gentleman (shut up in the back) I must admit I find them a lot of fun. Perhaps I am reliving my youth as a superstar sportsman? Hey, I have great imagination!

Lots of variation in the events from Swimming to Skeet Shooting and they all play with a subtle difference but one you can quickly pick-up and advance with, even me…

Gameplay seems to be involved that say Daley Thompsons as waggling as fast as hell isn’t the key here, its rhythm over that teenage angst look and desperate grin to finish before your mom walks in the room.

Check it out. Worth a few quid with hours of entertainment.