Everyone loves this game but do I? Well… no? Hear me out before you judge me and execute! I have my reasons and you will not agree, hah!

What’s not to like you may ask. Well firstly, and I am sorry, this is not the best port. Its smooth for the system and it plays great in some parts but in others the slowdown and outright awkwardness of control really spoils this for me. I think Rainbow Islands is one of those games that requires dead on controls and I do not see that here. Its jerky in way that has to be experienced to be felt and maybe even then you won’t get the same feeling I do.

That said, that is the games only true negative. Its colourful, exciting, bloody hard and sounds amazing with its AY tune bobbing around in your ears whilst you try to not drown or get mugged by effing spiders!

Just look at those colours! This is why the ZX Spectrum murders and always will murder the likes of brown Commodores. Some people complain it has too much colour! Mad humans! Absolute wonder of a game in looks and audio and if you suck less than me then perhaps you will not find the same issues I do with controls.

The levels are amazing and seem to have a perfect layout. Are they going to match the Arcade? I honestly cannot say but feel it doesn’t matter anyway because the feel right and that’s all the matters.

So, despite the negative I did actually enjoy the game. Yes I fought the game and the game won but difficult has never been an issue with me, more of a plus. Hard game that feels learnable is much better than a walk in the park that is simply over before it starts. If you want pure fun, a belting tune and graphics to die for, check this one out.