Been a while since I updated this but I must admit whilst I enjoy blogs I always get lazy and the initial input soon drops off. I know I am not alone in this and it’s why blogs died a long time back, but hey, here I am with an update!

April became one of those months where I purchased and recieved a HUGE box of awesome from the USA, this time with gear from a lovely chap named 48kram. Once again it is an epic box filled with old shit that could probably have been best spent on something useful but to which I have no regrets.

Firstly we fulfilled yet another Everdrive want in the NES N8 Pro for the Nintendo that is never used. Hopefully this will enable me to do more with it though it will never be a machine I have much desire to play at least now I am not limited in what games I can experience, many for the first time ever as I have no nostalgia for the early Nintendo systems until the N64 and GameCube if I am honest. Perhaps I can now finally see what the fuss is about with these Mega Man games? Probably not though. Still, it shall be now streamed with a full choice of entertainment and honestly, I had to buy something so why not this!

Lots of cables were also sought after and aquired, throw in some Necco wafers and Little Debbie Zebra cakes and the box filled out nicely with things one simply cannot buy in Norway and that I enjoy. Cake is good, is a saying I live by here.

I love computers, most of them anyway, especially cool 8-bit systems. I have been let down in the past with the likes of the MSX or C64 which I found wanting and lacked a desire to play it much beyond that first look when I first grabbed it. I just prefer the ZX Spectrum, simple as that! Because of this I started looking at systems I have heard about but never played, mostly due to the lack of options for them in Europe.

Top of that pile was the Tandy CoCo line which thanks to 48kram has now been sated with the above mint condition and VGA modded CoCo2 complete with CoCoSDC. Seriously, it is MINT. The thing looks brand new and I cannot wait to get into it. It isn’t the most powerful system, nor the most popular outside the US but thats half the charm for me and I am super excited to get this one out on stream and run some numbers with it (thats gaming in nerd speak). Got some lovely adaptors for it too so I can run the Immortal Joystick on the machine.

Next up is a system some find hard to appreciate, the SEGA 32X, but having had one years ago I needed to find one again and lucky for me 48kram decided to let his go to me instead of the desired ti99/4a that I was about to purchase (Like I said, I enjoy most 8-bit computers). So its plugged in, works great with the Everdrive I bought a year or so ago and I am loving it to bits. There are not that many games on the system that are must plays, maybe ten? But they alone are worth it to me plus I get to explore the less desirable and who knows, I may find magic in some of those too.

Last but far from least is the above KC Chiefs cap direct from Kansas City and sent to me via 48kram from a guy I know as Rhinosms, lovely chap and brother to a good internet friend of many years, FZBerz. He is also a huge Chiefs fan so naturaly we are brothers-in-arms. Many thanks for the cap bro!

Oh yeah, also a controller, 3rd party knockoff for the PCE that works. It isnt perfect but its better than a near 40 year old pad with broken rubber!

All of the above, bar the cakes… will be featured soon on the stream so get ready for a kinda magic!