As an older guy I naturally have nostalgia for past days, especially ones based around holidays like Christmas. I like the Yuletide period. To me Christmas has always been about family, food and relaxing. The gifting of presents is nice, as is receiving, but its not the primary reason for me.

Food memories are many. The Christmas dinner with the entire family, around 12 of us! My Nan was always the host and her food was basic goodness of the type only Nans could cook. No fancy shizzle, just solid dinner and lots of it followed by the biggest Trifle you ever saw and of course the Christmas pudding and fruit cake that was laced with Brandy. Absolutely bloody brilliant.

Not my Nans, hers was MUCH better!

There was also the once a year chocolates, of which my absolute favourite was the humble yet luxurious Terry’s Chocolate Orange. If I did not get one in my stocking then Christmas was simply not Christmas! Oh and I will never forget that one year where I also got a Chocolate Lemon! Sadly it was only one year as they stopped selling them afterwards, assumably due to bad sales… Bloody Grinches!

For many, many years I went without this delightful ball of Orange goodness because I moved country and Norwegians it seems don’t partake of heaven after tapping and unwrapping, but on occasion they have been in the Meny Supermarket (at least twice in 19 years!) and now, this year they have them in a shop called Normal that sells amazing things at less than half the price. Heck, they may now be cheaper here than the UK which is amazing.

So yes, my passion is back on. I tapped and unwrapped one of these lovelys already. Actually I dropped it on the wooden floor to ensure the perfect ‘tapping’ and it went in one night. I do not feel guilty! Next time I am in Sentrum I will buy a couple more and live more nights in Nostalgia Lane remembering my Nan, my childhood and those very special Christmas Holidays that can never be replaced but can at least be tasted once again.