I found a game today that I have never seen before. Its name? Battle Flip Shot. Kinda windjammers vs pong vs side-on Breakout. Sitting on my 150-1 MVS cart for NeoGeo I went in expecting trash but that changed the second I saw it was by Visco.

Described as a futuristic pad and ball game, it fits perfectly. Simple controls with two buttons and of course the 8 way stick. One button does a special move and the other does a slide in the direction you are heading as you desperatley try to protect your tokens whilst deflecting the “ball” at your opponents. Also plays an obvious 2 player mode but just single player against AI proved challenging enough to me on Level 4 standard normal Arcade mode.

The major surprise for me was the controls and how not just simple but also fluid I found them. I often find they gimmick up these kind of clone games but this just played simple and perfect. Some may find it a tad boring but for me Arcade sports games are the perfect 30-60 minute bash then move on games. Ideal for streaming and a busy life.

Produced in 1998 by the aformentioned Visco Games and being a standard standing cabinet I suspect the game was mostly ignored in the Arcades which is a crying shame. Sure, it is no Windjammers but it is just as much fun in those short bursts.

If you see one on a multi-cart or even standalone and its not too much money I would highly reccomend you give this a shot. If you enjoy these kinds of games then its a winner but even if you do not I suspect many will have hours of fun as they keep popping back to it to get that High Score.