Yandex is a competition for various Retro Computers including my beloved ZX Spectrum so it is no surprise that a really good one finds its way in here. Coinz Are Mine is an entry from Drunk Fly and IMO should have won.

Simple game with VERY fluid graphics and gameplay. Pick up a coin and take it elsewhere in the level, easy! Oh, you have to avoid Bats, Ghost and the Spitting flowers from Mario games? EZ! What? You can throw the coin and some rocks to get up a level and they can land on you? Hmm, feeling the pressure! Wait! The levels are puzzles that wind up streamers called Hitch!??! Fucking Game!

Like all classic Spectrum games it will make you pull out some hair, drink some Vodka and rage at the screen in expletives that make little sense in reality. That’s why this game is bloody excellent. Serious fun and very beatable. I beat it in my stream and I am proud to have done so!

Grab it here and enjoy it on real hardware, or emulate if you desire. Worth every penny of the free that it costs.