Never really liked this game. Never enjoyed a port of this game. Will the ZX Spectrum be different? Kinda! Read on!

Rampage is an odd game. It kinda has a plot and story but its so bloody silly that even in the land of Manic Miner and Odd Job Eddy it somehow stood out as un-fun and mediocre for me for decades. Knowing all this I jumped in regardless and the end result?

Well, lets start with the mechanics. There really are none! You eat things, smash things and climb things using a simple combination of left, right, up and down and fire. No different from most games you would argue? True, but… I dunno, its hard to put in to words why i found this game a little too drab and simple.

In the end though I did actually enjoy it, I think… I have no desire to play the game again but whilst I was I did enjoy most of my time with it. I think I just want more from a game that has no more to experience. Its probably just me!

Great graphics, average non-AY audio for this version and a fair amount of frustration yet still addictive.

Even as I write this I cannot decide if I enjoyed it or not, but I do know i didn’t hate it! What do you guys think? Comment below!