Well, if you read this blog you may have noticed it has a proper URL now. Retrostreamers.com is live and blogging! Took a while but we made it. Not only is it now on its rightful URL but we also have another author signed up so you wont just get the ramblings of Hitch. I will not give away the identity just yet but suffice to say they are lovely, a retro streamer and a fan of real hardware, basically, perfect!

Other things to do include a BBS, A shoutcast radio station (not retro based) and possibly subdomains for things like BlueSky. The BBS will take priority and If I am honest will probably be the only thing to happen outside of the actual blogging.

Keep your eyes peeled for these projects and hope you enjoy the content we provide as we look at hardware, games and nostalgia behind our hobby, RetroGaming.